TCO Enrollment Beta 2 – Teaching College Masterclass

Have you been frustrated with any of the following?

Don't worry. It's normal to feel anxious when teaching online.

Why? Because you’re trying to apply what USED TO WORK in the classroom—virtually. But how can do that when you can’t even see your students? When you can’t have a normal discussion? When you have to learn so many new technologies? In the end, teaching online isn’t the same as teaching in the classroom.

Yet the workshops we’ve been getting often don’t go far enough, to be honest. They overly focus on things like how to use your LMS or how to use Zoom.

And even if they do teach you “how to teach online,” they focus on inactionable insights like “Make your videos more interactive” or “Communicate frequently” or “Provide clear expectations” (great, but how are you supposed to do you do these things?). Too much “telling;” not enough “showing.”

You’re looking for a system of instruction that shows you how to plan, how to teach, how to assess, and how to use technology. You want templates. A format for synchronous and asynchronous lessons. Video examples. And more.


Teaching College Online (TCO) is a 24/7 accessible program taught by Dr. Norman Eng, the creator of the popular Teaching College Masterclass program and author of Teaching College and Presenting, both Amazon bestsellers in various book categories.

His new training course Teaching College Online shows you how to teach and engage students online through a step-by-step process. You get access to downloadable videos, templates, and worksheets, along with special bonus content you won’t find anywhere else.

And TCO is concise. We know your time is valuable. That’s why we created only two modules: 1) Building Your Foundation; and 2) Planning, Teaching, & Assessing. You can watch both modules (10 lessons total) in one afternoon. In it, we focus on four areas professors need help with most:



This 6-lesson module sets the critical foundation for success. The first two lessons helps you see a big picture perspective of your course as currently designed. Are your goals aligned with assessments, assignments, and activities? Where are the gaps? What are the areas to improve?

The following four lessons focus on adapting your current syllabus to motivate and engage students online. Yes, templates are included.


This concise, 4-lesson module focuses on the week-to-week aspect of teaching. Lesson 7 helps you develop a “one-sentence lesson plan,” which captures the three most important elements of any lesson. Lesson 8 matches specific tests and assignments to your weekly goals and objectives. Lessons 9 and 10 focuses respectively on how you can format asynchronous and synchronous sessions that engage students.


Learn: 1) how to prepare yourself for the camera; 2) what kind of tech gear you need to optimize your video; 3) how to record yourself so you come across professionally and authentically; and 4) what to do post-production—i.e., editing, posting, and storing your videos. The concise yet definitive guide. Led by Tatiana Rodriguez, professor and video creation expert.


Want to see one of Norman’s actual mini-lecture screencasts for his math methodology course? Here, he embeds questions—both multiple choice and open-ended—to increase student engagement, interaction, and accountability. Find out how he does this in this 12-minute lecture video training ed majors how to teach multiplication.


Most of us have used the web conferencing platform Zoom. But there is so much more beyond screen sharing and breakout rooms. For example, did you know you can quickly unmute yourself using the space bar? Or that you can share your smartphone screen? Or that you can pause one shared screen and start another? Professor, corporate trainer, and video creation expert Tatiana Rodriguez shows us the exact steps to do all this and A LOT more.


How can you make your course more accessible to students with special needs? Some may have difficulty hearing, seeing, or speaking. Others may have less visible challenges. As a result, adding captions, transcripts, and/or multiple modes of instruction can help. Yet, accessibility is more than an ADA compliance issue. It’s realizing that all students can benefit from an optimized learning experience. Instructional designer and accessibility expert Karen Sorensen walks us through what to do.


— ADAM FACHLER, Author of Planning Powerful Instruction (Corwin, 2020) and creator of the EMPOWER Method

— DAVE GEE, Launch Pad Co-Director, Entrepreneurship Faculty, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, & Author of Restart: The Small Business Guide to Thriving During Chaos (2020).


With two modules, downloadable materials, and SIX bonuses (worth $1500 alone), Teaching College Online is valued at over $2,500.

But we want to offer you a FOUNDER’S DEAL. We’re still working on the final details, including the course site (everything is temporarily accessible through a private Facebook group link), extra bonus content, video edits, etc.  So we decided to launch with a special founder’s price so you don’t wait.

If you buy today, you can get started for only $89 (and then pay 3 additional payments of $89/month). If you prefer to pay everything at once (a one-time charge of $297), you can save $59. Take advantage of this special launch price. Teaching College Online will certainly increase when it is upgraded. Get in now and you will automatically get access to the final polished course.

Try Teaching College ONLINE risk-free, since you get a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee when you show your work (see FAQs below for details).




or pay $297 one time (save $59)

  • 2 modules (10 Lessons)
  • Downloadable Videos, audios, & Text Transcripts
  • Implementation Guides, Worksheets, & Templates
  • Access to private Facebook community
  • 6 HIGH-VALUE Bonuses
  • Automatic free upgrade to the FINAL course, including all additional content
  • LIFETIME Access
  • 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee when you show your work

No Risk. 30-Day Guarantee when you show your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Couldn't I just buy a book on online instruction? Or find everything I need for free online?

You can definitely go online and find everything about online instruction—for cheap or for free. But with so much out there, you’ll have to separate the good from the bad. Who’s got the time? More importantly, you’re on your own. YOU have to search for the right topics. YOU have to test it. YOU have to refine it. And try again.

With my premium course, you have a SYSTEM. Everything you need, from planning to teaching. And we’re guiding you all the way, step-by-step, so it’s much more hands-on and immersive than any book. All you have to do is follow this system. It’s your shortcut to success.

What does your course have that others DON'T?

Many campus workshops focus on isolated areas like how to use your LMS or Zoom. Other books and courses overly focus on the WHAT and not enough on the HOW. Literally they recommend things like, “Be responsive to your students”, “Your videos don’t have to be perfect!” and “Provide clear directions and expectations” (these are their exact words). While all true, none of them are actionable. And many of these courses charge you hundreds.

Instead, TCO shows you what makes a good video (including lighting, audio, and video recommendations). A step-by-step format for asynchronous and synchronous lessons. An actual mini-lecture video that Norman recorded for his students, for your reference. Two templates to help you design your syllabus. And more.

Basically, we “show,” not “tell.”

Second, Teaching College Online (TCO) is a system of instruction, not general tips, tricks, and hacks. It focuses on students and their experiences, not on content. MOST online instructors—novices and veterans alike—can’t get past that.

Third, we give you the 80/20—the FEW important things (the 20%) that yield the BIGGEST impact (the 80%). There are only 2 modules and a total of 10 lessons. Each training video averages less than 15 minutes, which means you could binge-watch and finish the TCO course in one day. Other experts’ programs take 8 weeks or more to finish. They also cover every detail. Who’s got the time? We focus on two things: Your foundation and your instruction. Again, Teaching College Online is the shortcut.

Fourth, you get focused and practical implementation guides and templates, something most other courses don’t give (who actually gives you a syllabus template, let along two?). Video & audio downloads. Transcripts. But you won’t get pages and pages of materials. ‘Cuz then you’d never use ’em. Norman once took a pedagogy course with a 250-page workbook, and never once looked at it. His PDFs are concise and bite-sized.

Finally, how many other courses provide ongoing instructional support after you purchase? You get a Mastermind community online of like-minded instructors to ask questions, network, etc. For good. Think about it: Where else can you get collective advice so quickly? Norman has taken many online courses, and the communities that give him the freedom to ask questions anytime anywhere is INVALUABLE.

Is the Teaching College Online (TCO) program right for me?

If you’re a new instructor to online teaching—whether a grad assistant, an adjunct working on your PhD, a career-changer, an assistant professor, or a veteran professor teaching online for the first time—you’ve come to the right place. Simple as that.

If you’re looking to upgrade your online skills, and students aren’t maximizing their potential, you’ve come to the right place. TCO will give you the tools to ensure they grow. My lessons allow you to jump around, so feel free to go straight to parts you need. This is your one-stop shop.

If you’re a college administrator looking to augment your faculty’s online instructional capacity, then TCO can work for you. We can allow multiple log-ins for your staff so they can learn how to teach effectively from the comfort of their…wherever. Email with details and we will contact you.

If you’re a K-12 educator (teacher or administrator), you can learn a lot from this course too. We have a lot of K-12 teachers who realize that everything I teach applies to any industry. And since Norman came from the K-12 world, he knows you’ll feel right at home.

If you educate/train others for a living—whether in sales, real estate, or what have you, you can also learn the principles that guide expert online instructors.

What are the payment options?

We offer two options:

  • #1: ONE-TIME PAYMENT OF $297

Which ever option you choose, you will have FULL access to the course immediately. Don’t forget we offer a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee when you show you put in the work (see next question for details). You can get started today for $89. Or you can pay one time for $297 and save $59.

What if I want a refund? What's the policy?

So, here’s the deal on refunds. We pride ourselves on high quality programs that actually work…if you put the work in. Meaning, if you follow the training, good things happen. If you don’t do it, nothing good happens. Shocking, right?

However, if you are unhappy, email us within 30 days and show us your work—this means completing the Lesson 1 worksheet—and you will receive a full refund. We stand behind the Teaching College Online program 100%.

I have a question. Who should I ask?

Depends. If you are in the program and have questions about teaching, post it on the members only Facebook community group.

If you are asking questions related to buying the course, billing, tech support, or your account in general, contact our support team at: