How to Transform Student Engagement Online NOW.

Learn to plan, teach, and engage your students, even if you have zero experience online.

When you're teaching online, it's just not the same.

  • Students are less visible
  • It's hard to engage them
  • Testing students? Forget it.
  • Presenting with slides
  • Do students even "get" you? 
  • How do you even develop meaningful lessons?
  • What about the syllabus?

The problem is that we are trying to apply what USED TO WORK in the classroom—to a virtual space. 

Yet the workshops we’ve been getting often don’t go far enough, to be honest. They overly focus on things like how to use your LMS or how to use Zoom.

And even if they do teach you “how to teach online,” they focus on inactionable insights like “Make your videos more interactive” or “Communicate frequently” or “Provide clear expectations”! 

Great ideas, but how are you supposed to do you do these things?

Workshops tell you what to do, but not how to do it.  

You’re looking for a system of instruction that shows you how to plan, how to teach, how to assess, and how to use technology. You want templates. A format for synchronous and asynchronous lessons. Video examples. And more.


Teaching College Online (TCO) is a 24/7 accessible online course that shows you how to teach and engage online students through a step-by-step process. We focus on the three most important areas: 1) planning; 2) teaching; and 3) assessing. You get access to downloadable videos, templates, and worksheets, along with special bonus content you won’t find anywhere else. And TCO is concise. We know your time is valuable. You can watch all 6 lessons (broken up into 13 bite-sized mini-lessons) in one afternoon.

Limited Time Offer! Enroll now and Save 90%!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Once you enroll, you'll get an email with your login details and immediate access to all 3 modules—the Planning module, the Teaching module, and the Assessing module—plus the BONUSES. You can watch all three modules (that's 6 lessons) and get your mind blown in less than three hours. 

Plan to spend at least another three hours to put the TCO system into action—i.e., apply the approaches, strategies, and tactics to your own course. Don't worry. We have templates, implementation guides, and a step-by-step process to walk you through. BOTTOM LINEWith TCO, you can plan your WHOLE semester in TWO DAYS.

Confidence In Your Instruction

Wouldn't it be great if you knew—ahead of time—that your lessons will resonate with students? We have a template for making that happen. 

Higher Student Engagement

This is the #1 challenge for online instructors. What if you could make that problem disappear with Teaching College Online?

More Motivation

It's deflating to spend so much time on paperwork, grading, and troubleshooting. With TCO, you can focus more on transforming the lives of those you teach. 

Higher Evaluation Scores? Possibly.

One professor said that 91% of his students strongly agreed that his course was a valuable learning experience after implementing our teaching system.

Hear What Professors Say About the Course

Mark Dust, PhD

Lecturer, Public Health

Tatiana Rodriguez

Professor, Public Speaking

Dennis Kibbe

Residential Faculty, CIS

What’s in the course?

Here are the six lessons within the Planning, Teaching, and Assessing Modules


Lesson 1: Big Picture Planning

Do you have the foundation for an effective course? We'll make sure, by checking that your goals, assignments, and tests align. By the end of this lesson, you'll know if your existing course is online-ready! All you need is your syllabus as reference. We'll have plenty of examples AND a template in the workbook.


Lesson 2:  Six Steps to an Engaging Syllabus

In this 3-part syllabus training, Dr. Eng argues for a new approach to the syllabus. HINT: It’s not a contract. Instead, set the tone for students from Day 1 with THIS approach. You also get 2 templates (a simple text-based version and a fancier, graphics-based version) to apply to your class.


Lesson 3: Your One-Sentence Lesson Plan

Dr. Eng reveals his proprietary and popular One-Sentence Lesson Plan, which is a simple and focused method to boil down your lesson to the fundamentals that engages students meaningfully. With this template, you'll never have to wonder, Will this lesson work? ever again.


Lesson 4: Developing Asynchronous Lessons

When you're not meeting students live, it's hard to know if they're even even paying attention or "getting it." Dr. Eng's 2-part lesson format for asynchronous classes can help you design experiences you KNOW students will respond to—even when you're not meeting live.


Lesson 5: Developing Synchronous Lessons

With live classes, it's equally difficult to know if students are paying attention, engaged, or even prepared. The key, as Dr. Eng reveals, is to consistently get students to make sense of the content (it's much more than using breakout rooms). You'll know exactly how to do this by the end of this 2-part lesson. 


Lesson 6: Assessing Your Students

Do your students "get" what you're teaching? How do you ensure students internalize the content? How can you grade with less frustration? The answer is to focus on pre-assessing, not just on assessing. Unfortunately, most professors aren't doing that. A 3-part eye-opening lesson that shows you exactly what (and how) you can change assessments forever. 


$1,288 Worth of Bonus Training Included For FREE

Bonus 1
Presenting Yourself on Video ($397 Value)

Learn: 1) how to prepare yourself for the camera; 2) what kind of tech gear you need to optimize your video; 3) how to record yourself so you come across professionally and authentically; and 4) what to do post-production—i.e., editing, posting, and storing your videos. 

A step-by-step tutorial led by a video creation and public speaking expert.  

Bonus 2
Distilling Your Slides
($197 Value) 

Most presenters do slides wrong. And it's mostly because they've got too much going on, so audiences stop listening. 

Dr. Eng reveals a novel mindset to presenting with slides, which will forever change your approach. With the Redundancy Test and the Finger Snap Test, you'll know if your slides will grab or disengage your students. A masterclass training in less than 30 minutes that you can immediately apply to your instruction.

Bonus 3
Leveling Up Your Video Tech Gear

($297 Value)

Get video tech gear recommendations for teachers by teachers, no matter what your budget is. 

Looking for the best lighting, cameras, and microphones for a shoestring budget? How about for teachers who want want to take their videos up a notch? We even discuss gear for those who want to go all out. 

Includes examples of how subjects look (and sound) on camera using different types of equipment, as well as a 10-page recommendation guide.

Bonus 4
Getting Students to "Do the Readings" ($397 Value)

Are you frustrated that students don’t read or come prepared to class? The answer is to make reading more social, by interacting virtually with classmates via questions, responses, comments, highlights, and even upvotes.

This is a step-by-step tutorial on one social annotation tool that helps, including how to set up, upload your readings, and grade your students’ interactions. A must-have tool to build engagement and accountability.

Limited Time Offer! Enroll now and Save 90%!

About The Course Creator / Teacher, Norman Eng, EdD

Dr. Eng's book, TEACHING COLLEGE: The Ultimate Guide to Lecturing, Presenting, and Engaging Students, has helped thousands of professors learn and implement the mechanics of instruction. It is based on insights he learned as an advertising executive and a NYC public school teacher; the biggest of which is this: If you don't understand your target audience, you won't be able to reach (let alone teach) them. 

YOU are the content expert. With Teaching College Online, Dr. Eng helps you package your content in a way that students care about.

Want to Hear From Other Satisfied Professors?

Janet Birkey, PhD

Assistant Professor, Communication

Norman Eng is a professional and experienced educator with a huge dose of generosity.

He explains concepts in the simplest of ways without dumbing down the content of his course. Both new and experienced college educators of any discipline will find the material practical and useful. 

Mark Barbash

Lecturer,  Public Finance

This course transformed my college course in public budgeting to an online format. 

The material presented was very practical and hands-on. ther benefits included feedback from [Dr. Eng] as well as interaction among the participants in this course, which reinforced we were all having the same experiences.

Dev Dutta, PhD

Associate Professor, Strategic Management

I found [TCO] really useful to plan for my own courses and help student engagement and learning. 

Norman provides very useful tips and tools, including worksheets that you can use to revamp and plan your course, starting from the big picture view, such that it becomes a more coherent way of delivering teaching materials and study materials for your students. 

The Teaching College Online Difference

Most teaching workshops and professional development programs focus on the "what," not the "how." They tell you things like:

  • "Be responsive to your students"
  • "Your videos don't have to be perfect" 
  • "Provide clear directions and expectations" 

None of that really helps. But what if you could get the step-by-step training on the exact process Dr. Norman Eng and other master teachers use in their own courses? And you can learn it all in one afternoon, rather than weeks or months, like some programs? A course like this, with all 5 bonuses, would normally cost $3100.

For institutions, upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. Now you can get all this for a fraction of that. See below. 


Teaching College Online: A $2900 Value

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

If you buy Teaching College Online and it is not what you expect, then request for a refund within 30 days. 100% money-back guaranteed. 

There is NO risk to you. 

You can try one lesson, see if it's right for you, and decide. All we ask is you try to apply the ideas to your course. We've seen this system, its strategies, and its tactics help thousands of professors across the world. You won't lose ANYTHING by trying out Teaching College Online

Still Not Sure? Look at What Past Course Takers Have to Say about Teaching College Online

Sandra Rogelberg, PhD

Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology 

I attribute my previous evaluation on [Dr. Eng's] instruction! 

The content is fabulous! As an educational psychologist I recognize the pieces of cognitive science that make this information so valuable. I had the knowledge, but not the practical tools to pull my lessons together in a way that was valued by my students. 

Luigi Cicala

Studio Art Teacher

Norman's course is practical rather than philosophical.

Every video featured actionable strategies and techniques I could implement as a teacher, which I found much more useful than some other online trainings this summer that I attended.

Megan Pietruszewski

Lecturer, Writing & Rhetoric

Every online teacher will find something useful in this course!

This course was extremely helpful in designing asynchronous learning modules and synchronous online lessons. Each video lesson has an accompanying worksheet to immediately apply the design principle. 

Barbara Lohse 

Instructor, Wellness & Anatomy

This is my second experience taking one of Norman's courses.

Participating in the course made me approach my syllabus and lessons with a fresh, new perspective. The strategies presented by Norman were logical, clear, concise, and practical.

Hale Karabekir, PhD

Assistant Professor, Social Work

TCO helps you prepare your lessons in a simple way.

Teaching College is practical. It is not complicated; on the contrary, it helps you to prepare your lessons in a simple way. It takes students' needs into consideration. It provides practical information for creating a supportive learning environment. Guidelines are easy to follow.

Helen Smith

Professor, Childhood Education

Students have noticed my restructured classes!

Prior to Norman's Teaching College Online, I was doing the "same-old, same-old" approach to my classes. I liked Norman's down to earth approach and how he showed us models of how he structures his own classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Couldn't I just buy a book on online instruction?

You can definitely go online and find everything about online instruction—for cheap or for free. But with so much out there, you’ll have to separate the good from the bad. Who’s got the time? More importantly, you’re on your own. YOU have to search for the right topics. YOU have to test it. YOU have to refine it. And try again.

With my premium course, you have a SYSTEM. Everything you need, from planning to teaching. And we’re guiding you all the way, step-by-step, so it’s much more hands-on and immersive than any book. All you have to do is follow this system. It’s your shortcut to success.

I don't teach online now; I teach in a regular classroom. Will TCO still work for me?

Yes, TCO will work.

Why? Because COVID-19 has changed instruction forever.

Teaching online forced us to prioritize engagement since students are remote and often unseen. So we worked extra hard to discover how to get and maintain their attention (e.g., making videos/lectures shorter, providing extra breaks, cutting out extraneous material, adding extra activities).

Learning and engagement can exponentially improve when that same mindset is applied to the regular classroom. This is what Teaching College Online can do.

In short, TCO is the best way to improve your post-pandemic instruction, whether in the classroom or online.

What does your course have that others DON'T?

Many campus workshops focus on isolated areas like how to use your LMS or Zoom. Other books and courses overly focus on the WHAT and not enough on the HOW.

Literally they recommend things like, “Be responsive to your students”, “Your videos don’t have to be perfect!” and “Provide clear directions and expectations” (these are their exact words). While all true, none of them are actionable. And many of these courses charge you hundreds.

Instead, TCO shows you what makes a good video (including lighting, audio, and video recommendations). A step-by-step format for asynchronous and synchronous lessons. An actual planning table. Two templates to help you design your syllabus. And more.

Basically, we “show,” not “tell.”

Second, Teaching College Online (TCO) is a system of instruction, not general tips, tricks, and hacks. It focuses on students and their experiences, not on content. MOST online instructors—novices and veterans alike—can’t get past that.

Third, we give you the 80/20—the FEW important things (the 20%) that yield the BIGGEST impact (the 80%). There are only 3 modules and 6 lessons (split into 13 mini-lessons). Each training video averages around 13 minutes, which means you could binge-watch all 13 videos and finish the TCO course in less than 3 hours.

Other experts’ programs take 8 weeks or more to finish. They also cover every detail. Who’s got the time? We focus on three things: Planning, Teaching, and Assessing. Again, Teaching College Online is the shortcut.

Fourth, you get focused and practical implementation guides and templates, something most other courses don’t give (who actually gives you a syllabus template, let alone two?). Video downloads. Transcripts. But you won’t get pages and pages of materials. ‘Cuz then you’d never use ’em. Norman once took a professional development course with a 250-page workbook, and never once looked at it. His PDFs are concise and bite-sized.

Finally, how many other courses provide ongoing instructional support after you purchase? You get a Members-Only Facebook community of like-minded instructors to ask questions, network, etc. For good. Think about it: Where else can you get collective advice so quickly? Norman has taken many online courses, and the communities that give him the freedom to ask questions anytime anywhere is INVALUABLE.

Is the Teaching College Online (TCO) right for me?

If you’re a new instructor to online teaching—whether a grad assistant, an adjunct working on your PhD, a career-changer, an assistant professor, a high school teacher, or a veteran professor teaching online for the first time—you’ve come to the right place. Simple as that.

If you’re looking to upgrade your online skills, and students aren’t maximizing their potential, you’ve come to the right place. TCO will give you the tools to ensure they grow. Dr. Eng's lessons allow you to jump around, so feel free to go straight to parts you need. This is your one-stop shop.

If you’re a college administrator looking to augment your faculty’s online instructional capacity, then TCO can work for you. We can allow multiple log-ins for your staff so they can learn how to teach effectively from the comfort of their…wherever. Email with details and we will contact you within 48 hours.

If you’re a K-12 educator (teacher or administrator), you can learn a lot from this course too. We have a lot of K-12 teachers who realize that everything I teach applies to any industry. And since Norman came from the K-12 world, he knows you’ll feel right at home. Mostly, however, our K-12 educators teach  high school classes.

If you educate/train others for a living—whether in sales, real estate, or what have you, you can also learn the principles that guide expert online instructors.

What are the payment options?

We offer two choices:


Which ever option you choose, you will have FULL access to the course immediately. Don’t forget we offer a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee when you show you put in the work (see next question for details). You can get started today for $89. Or you can pay one time for $297 and save $59.

What if I want a refund? What's the policy?

We pride ourselves on high quality programs that actually work…if you put the work in. Meaning, if you follow the training, good things happen. If you don’t do it, nothing good happens. Shocking, right?

However, if you are unhappy, email us within 30 days and show us your work—this means completing the Lesson 1 worksheet—and you will receive a full refund. We stand behind the Teaching College Online program 100%.

I have a question. Who should I ask?

Depends. If you are in the program and have questions about teaching, post it on the members-only Facebook community group.

If you are asking questions related to buying the course, billing, tech support, or your account in general, contact our support team at:

My personal note to you

When I created Teaching College Online, I wanted to address professors' biggest instructional challenges. Thousands of responses later revealed that teachers wanted help in four areas: 1) engaging students; 2) planning & organizing their course/lessons; 3) assessing students; and 4) using technology.  

So I spent almost two years researching, developing, testing, and iterating. TCO is now the professional development program that institutions look to when they want step-by-step faculty training. And seeing the feedback for this course has been incredibly rewarding. I wish I had this as a new instructor. 

I hope TCO will help you to inspire your students and ultimately to become the professor students never forget.