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Professors know it's hard to motivate and engage students.

In fact, it is our #1 challenge

Why? Because students aren't coming to class prepared. They're not participating. They're not putting in the work.

But oftentimes, it's not their fault. WE created this monster. 

We made learning boring. 

Yet, it's not YOUR fault either. 

Nobody ever taught you how to teach.

The best professors were, however. They followed a template. They had examples to model from. They actually observed from the very best.

It's time you had a peek into what top professors like Dr. Norman Eng do. 

The Teaching College ULTIMATE BUNDLE reveals the secrets of engaging classrooms.

Dr. Eng's top 10 resources for college professors and high school teachers show you the exact step-by-step methods to engage students online and offline, the tools to build classroom community, his actual welcome video to students that walks them through his syllabus (for in-person and online courses!), Google Sheet templates for engaging them, and MUCH, MUCH MORE.

What You’ll Gain

Once you buy the ULTIMATE BUNDLE, you get immediate access to all 10 resources. With them, you'll gain...


Reading about best practices is nice. Actually seeing what top professors do is light-years better.

With the Ultimate Bundle, you'll see and hear from Dr. Eng and other top professors the exact tools and methods they use in the online/hybrid classroom. This will give you the confidence that what you do will work.

Less frustration

Most professors know WHAT they should do, but not actually HOW they should do it. 

They should involve students more. Build community. Add more activities. But what is the step-by-step?

The Ultimate Bundle gives you the blueprint, including how to make your first impression to students count, how to make sure students take ownership, how to build a community, and MORE.

MORE time

We waste so much time trying THIS tool, or THAT strategy. 

But what if you implemented the exact approaches & tools that top professors use everyday? You would spend less time fumbling and more time on the things that matter to you. 

The Teaching College Ultimate Bundle is perfect for the busy professor who doesn't have time for the constant trial and error.

About Dr. Norman Eng

Dr. Eng's book, TEACHING COLLEGE: The Ultimate Guide to Lecturing, Presenting, and Engaging Students, has helped thousands of professors learn and implement the mechanics of instruction. It is based on insights he learned as an advertising executive and a NYC public school teacher; the biggest of which is this: If you don't understand your target audience, you won't be able to reach (let alone teach) them. 

YOU are the content expert. With the Ultimate Bundle, Dr. Eng helps you package your content in a way that students care about.

What Other Professors Have Said

Sylvia Lin

Assistant Professor,

Apparel Design

WELL worth the fraction I paid.

I especially liked getting an inside look into Dr. Eng's welcome video to students, his asynchronous module, and his grading spreadsheet. The bundle of resources was WELL worth the fraction I paid.

Mark Barbash


Public Finance

One video alone was worth the market price.

This is a great bundle. One video alone—the Welcome Video—was worth the market price ($97) and helped me to revise my class that's starting in January. Thank you.

T. Balamurugan


Chemical Engineering

I loved the one about making your first impression [Welcome Video] and the "Must-Subscribe YouTube videos and podcasts. It really made my syllabus student-oriented. Eagerly waiting for the [updated] version of the Teaching College Masterclass.  

What's in the Ultimate Bundle?

$538 of Value in 10 Resources


Resource #1: An Example Video Lecture That's Actually Interactive ($29 Value)

Watch an example of Dr. Eng's lecture (it's short!) that students can watch anytime—that actually includes embedded questions. They turn students from passive viewers to active learners. Furthermore, it stop them from fast forwarding or skipping . . . and actually pay attention.


Resource #2: Dr. Eng's Grading Spreadsheet Template ($29 Value)

Want students to take more ownership? One way is to show them how they're doing so far, with a spreadsheet of all their grades—in real time. This lets students see what assignments have been submitted and graded, and which ones they might have forgotten to do! And because it displays everything clearly (unlike the way it's presented in their LMS), students will constantly refer back to this. Just steal this template. 


Resource #3: Planning For Success VIDEO Training, Part 1 

($49 Value)

One of the easiest ways to motivate students is to give them flexibility in terms of assignments. Dr. Tom Tobin shows you how Universal Design for Learning (UDL) can instantly increase student motivation and put in more effort. Even better, you can implement UDL ideas into your very next assignment. It's not too late.  


Resource #4: Planning For Success VIDEO Training, Part 2 

($49 Value)

Do you feel like your assignments are random? That you're just giving students busywork? Part of the problem may be that your assignments aren't aligned with your goals. Dr. Tom Tobin shows how backward design can help students see purpose in everything you do and assign. Bottom line: Less frustration for you, and more clarity for students.


Resource #5: Dr. Eng's Welcome Video to Students ($97 Value)

Want an inside look at Dr. Eng's actual welcome video to students that sets his course up to succeed from Day 1?  As a bonus, you'll see Dr. Eng's much talked-about visual syllabus that inspires students to want to get started before they even set a virtual (or real) foot into the classroom. Great for face-to-face and online classes. 


Resource #6: Top 5 Tools to Build Community & Participation 

($129 Value)

What are the best tech tools to get students involved? Expert James Sturtevant, author of Hacking Engagement and You've Gotta Connect, shows us the actual tools he uses to build his learning community and increase student participation. 


Resource #7: TEMPLATE For Keeping Track of Breakout Room Discussions ($29 Value)

Here is Dr. Norman Eng's exact template on Google Sheets that hold students accountable during discussions online/hybrid classrooms. No more jumping in blind when you join a breakout room. 


Resource #8: "Must-Subscribe" List of Teaching Podcasts & YouTube Channels ($29 Value)

What does Dr. Eng listen to in order to inspire and inform his instruction? His recommendations don't just talk about teaching; some of them actually show you step-by-step what you need to do to upgrade your instruction. Bookmark these and you are set.


Resource #9: Secrets Revealed for Engaging, Planning, & Assessing Students ($49 Value)

Out of the thousands of professors Dr. Eng connects with, three areas challenge professors most: engaging, planning, and assessing. Here, he breaks down the answer in a Q&A post. If you follow these steps, you will be ahead of 90 percent of professors out there teaching online, hybid or in-person. 20+ years of experience boiled down to one post. 


Resource #10: Get an Inside Look at Dr. Eng's Actual Lesson Modules ($49 Value)

So what does an effective instructor's lesson modules actually look like? Dr. Eng reveals (and deconstructs!) what students actually see in their LMS each week. This inside glimpse into two week's worth can serve as your template, which will reduce your frustration and workload AND increase your confidence that students are learning. For both online and in-person courses. 

What makes this BUNDLE different?

The truth is, a lot of the advice about good teaching—i.e., creating a welcoming atmosphere, giving students flexibility, relating topics to students' lives, etc.—aren't that new. They've been around for a long time. Knowing WHAT to do is easy. But knowing HOW to do it is hard.

The Ultimate Bundle comes closest to revealing that inside step-by-step approaches and methods that can transform your instruction.

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  • Resource #1: Interactive Example Lecture Video ($29 Value)
  • Resource #2: Grading Spread Sheet Template  ($29 Value)
  • Resource #3: Planning For Success Video, Part 1  ($49 Value)
  • Resource #4: Planning For Success Video, Part 2  ($49 Value)
  • Resource #5: Welcome Video to Students ( $97 Value)
  • Resource #6: Tools to Build Community ($129 Value)
  • Resource #7: Keeping Track of Breakout Rooms ($29 Value)
  • Resource #8: "Must-Subscribe" List ($29 Value)
  • Resource #9: Secrets to Planning, Engaging, and Assessing ($49 Value)
  • Resource #10: Dr. Eng's 2-Week Lesson Module ($49 Value)
  • Lifetime Access to All Resources Immediately