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Start by watching this 5-minute intro video on my Learner Experience Formula. Then jump right into Module 1. (Did you remember to download your BIG PICTURE checklist below?)

Course Structure

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4 Lessons

Module 1: Your Advantage

What do top instructors do differently? Skip the years of trial and error using the insights from these four lessons.

Lesson 1: Know Your Target Audience

"In order to teach you, I must know you." This quote by a Native Alaskan educator captures the mindset of top instructors. Find out exactly HOW to do this here.

Lesson 2: Create Your Student Avatar

When you "profile" the students taking your course, you'll be more prepared on Day 1 than 90% of professors. Follow my template here.

Lesson 3: Niche Your Topic

Focus, Focus, Focus. Because students absorb less than you think. Here's how I "niche" it down.

Lesson 4: Develop Your One-Sentence Lesson Plan

This popular one sentence template has helped top instructors INSTANTLY focus their lectures.

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Module 2: Your Lesson Plan

How exactly do you plan lectures that captivate? These six power-packed lessons show you what activities work, how to open with impact, and which lesson formats work best for learning.

Lesson 5: Get Students Involved (Part 1)

How can you get students "hands-on" involved? Here are five 5 ways.

Lesson 6: Get Students Involved (Part 2)

Here are 5 more ways to get students "hands-on" involved in your class.

Lesson 7: Hook the Class

The first few minutes is when students decide to check IN or check OUT. Make the most of it with these opening hooks.

Lesson 8: Lesson Format #1: I, We, You

Use this lecture format to demonstrate or teach HOW to do something.

Lesson 9: Lesson Format #2: Explore, Lecture, Apply

If you're teaching new concepts, get students to grapple with it first. Don't teach it. Find out what I mean here.

Lesson 10: Lesson Format #3: You, Y’all, We

Use this format to problem solve, brainstorm, or get students to take control of their learning. A pro-level format you can now use in your classroom.
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Module 3: Your Instruction

Planning is one thing. Teaching is another. Find out the most effective ways to present with slides and check in on student understanding in these last three lessons.

Lesson 11: The Right Way To Approach PowerPoint

With one simple mindset shift, you will never present the same way again.

Lesson 12: 5 PowerPoint Recommendations

Transform your students' learning experiences with these 5 pro recommendations for slide lectures.

Lesson 13: Ensure Students Actually Learn

How do you know students are actually "getting" it? Exams and papers aren't the best way. Do this instead.
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BONUS Module: How to Run Class Discussions

Your 3-part bonus training course on how to run class discussions like a pro.

Lesson 1: Run Discussions Effectively

Class discussions is the bedrock of critical thinking in higher ed. But it's got to be done right. Otherwise, the same four students dominate. Here's how to set the right tone.

Lesson 2: 5 Essential Discussion Formats (Part 1)

These five discussion formats get everyone—yes, EVERYONE—involved. That's hard to do. Find out how in this lesson.

Lesson 2: 5 Essential Discussion Formats (Part 2)

Here are 5 more ways to get every single student involved—in some way—during your class discussions.