Post-COVID Instruction

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So much has changed over the past year as we learned to teach online. Now we're trying to get back to normal.

...Except there is no normal

Whether you're still teaching virtually or getting back into the classroom—or both(!)—you will likely incorporate a lot of the tools and platforms during the pandemic to your post-COVID classroom. 

But HOW do you do this? How do you engage students online and virtually at the same time? How do you improve the experiences of your face-to-face (F2F) students? 

This 3-part intensive workshop, titled, Transitioning to a Post-COVID Classroom: A Step-by-Step Plan for Teaching Online, In-Person, and Anywhere In-Between, is designed to help college instructors and secondary school teachers plan and teach confidently and effectively during a time when students are just coming back to the classroom, OR continuing to learn online, OR learning in hybrid formats. 

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Transitioning to a Post-COVID Classroom, Part 1

In Part 1, I answer the fundamental question: What is the post-COVID approach? Unfortunately (or is fortunately), we will not ever go back to the pre-pandemic way of teaching, even if you go back to teaching in the classroom (we've learned too much since then!). I explain why this is the way to teach going forward. I also reveal the first part of my proprietary 4-Part Module Framework, which will help you set your lesson up for student engagement.
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Transitioning to a Post-COVID Classroom, Part 2

In Part 2, I reveal and explain the last three parts of my 4-Part Module Framework, including multiple examples to make it concrete. Don't forget, you have a summary worksheet below as reference.
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Transitioning to a Post-COVID Classroom, Part 3

In Part 3, you will get a "workflow" that helps you map out (i.e., coordinate) the specifics of your lesson module; especially handy if you have students tuning in remotely and in-person. Remember, execution is 90 percent of success! No other template gets this detailed.
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Bonus 1: Setting Up Your Course for Success

First impressions matter. Even more so when students are highly uncertain about the upcoming term. Your syllabus, as the first official document they see, can EASE or increase their anxiety. This training walks you through 3 critical areas to address in your post-COVID syllabus, including a template to communicate the new way your class will be run, as well as how to meet students' socio-emotional needs during a time when they crave connection.
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Bonus 2: Example Module / Lesson

This is an example of a fully-fleshed out lesson plan/module that students would actually see on their LMS, based on the 4-Part Module Framework. With this example, you will have not just the back end planning (what you see only), but also the front end (what students see). YES, they are completely different! How you package the content is the difference between "WOW, my students are really getting into this!" versus "What the heck? I thought I planned a good lesson!"