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Minus the years of trial & error and the overwhelm

what is the teaching college masterclass?

The Teaching College Masterclass is my proven step-by-step system designed to help you plan, teach, and engage your students effectively. With it, you’ll have answers to questions like:

  • Am I teaching this right?
  • Are students really learning?
  • What do they really think about my course?
  • What is the BEST way to motivate?

Let’s talk about your teaching right now

Maybe you’re new. Maybe you’ve been teaching. Maybe your lectures are getting stale. Maybe things seem OK on the surface, but something’s…missing. But when you Google “how to teach college,” 195 million results show up. Books. Blogs. Articles. Podcasts. Videos. Some are useful, but they’re all so…random.

You want something definitive. Authoritative. Systematic.

What if I told you there’s a teaching system that re-imagines the way you lecture? That motivates students every class? That gets them to actually own their learning? What if a teaching system could make you confident and effective in the classroom? What if a teaching system could gain you back the time and energy you need to publish? To write that grant? Maybe to FINALLY start your own business?

One I’ve helped professors and instructors implement. Now, I want to share it with you.

  • If you’re frustrated with students texting during class and wish you had ANSWERS…
  • If you’re tired of dreaming up new ways to motivate your students…
  • If you wished you had somewhere to turn to for instructional support…
  • If your course evaluations are simply not where you want them to be…
  • If you just wished you could become effective NOW, not later.

Even if you’re doing OK, but you want more. A systematic way of teaching will solve all these problems for you…without the years of trial and error.

Here’s what my teaching system will do for you:

It sucks when students don’t care. What if you could change that by focusing on the right things? You wouldn’t need to stress out, plead for their attention, or give up more of your already-limited time.

How do you know students are really learning? With a teaching system, you’ll know every element—from planning to assessing—works seamlessly to engage and motivate.

In higher ed, you have teaching, research, student meetings, consulting, & writing—not to mention family. A proven system can shave years of trial & error and take you from novice to pro in weeks.

Students want to know your course will help them in some way. A teaching system will instantly elevate you above your peers as an authority. In turn, you will get better evaluations. And more professional opportunities.

what’s stopping you from being an elite instructor?

  1. Not knowing where to start.
    It’s hard to take action when don’t know where to begin. There is so much out there about teaching. Not enough on how to make it work in YOUR classroom. What are the step-by-steps? Who can you trust? You want a template—a foundation—that you can build from.
  2. Not feeling confident in your teaching knowledge or experience.
    Will students actually care if I do it this way? What if my way falls flat? How can I be sure they’re learning? When the classroom door is closed, you have to rely on yourself. It’s easy to have doubts. Who’s really going to know if your instructional methods, strategies, and techniques work—other than your students? With a proven system, you can confidently follow the steps laid out for you.
  3. Not having the time or energy.
    Teaching is just ONE of the many things you juggle professionally. Who’s got the time to read all the sources out there? When too much information exists, it’s mentally draining. So we end up doing nothing.

If any or all of these obstacles have been holding you back, it’s not your fault…

They have years and years of experience. But what if you had their “recipe?” One that allows you to skip over all the uncertainty? Straight to the future version of you who has the confidence and impact that only a successfully taught course can bring? The you who knows how to:

  • Plan lessons that sync with the way students learn
  • Teach lectures that engage from beginning to end
  • Design activities that deepen understanding
  • Create PowerPoints the way they’re meant to be used
  • Make sure students are actually learning.

The key to SHORTCUTTING your success is having the right system.

how i developed a system for teaching college

Hi, I’m Dr. Norman Eng. When I first taught in 2012, I had ZERO help planning and teaching. I only had the textbook and an old syllabus. I taught one chapter per class, used the PowerPoint slides that came with the textbook, and planned three questions to stimulate class discussion. And it worked!

Or so I thought. Students did behave. They listened, took notes, submitted assignments, and politely answered my questions. They even laughed at my jokes.

Then they failed the midterm. 

Damn, I’m gonna to get a bad evaluation, I thought. But failing was the best thing that happened. It made me question everything, like:

  • What do students REALLY think about my teaching?
  • Do lectures work?
  • Why am I following the status quo?
  • What is the point of the syllabus?
  • Did established PhDs really know more about teaching than me?

I had A LOT of misconceptions of higher ed. So I Googled “how to teach college.” Oh boy. I was swimming in articles, blogs, books, videos, podcasts—each with random tips, tricks, and techniques. Try Google Docs! Flipped classrooms! Inquiry-based projects! Where do I even begin?

But the more I read, the more one universal truth emerged—a truth I learned long ago as an advertiser and a school teacher:

In marketing, one mantra rules above all others: Know your target audience. How else will you connect with customers? In elementary school, teachers do the same. The month of September is all about building class community.

In order to teach you, I must know you, goes the saying. Yet connecting with college students never occurred to me.

So I revamped everything and designed a system based on my marketing and K-12 experiences. Over the next few years, I researched these ideas, tested them in my classroom, and refined them.

The result? 90 percent of students now consistently recommend my courses. My teaching system became a bestselling book on Amazon…

in 7 education categories. Real professors praised my system via Amazon customer reviews, such as the following:

As a brand new teacher, this is life-altering. I feel like I now have the resources and skills of someone far more experienced than me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I just finished teaching my first in-person class. The book’s recommended approaches worked beautifully! The students were thrilled. They learned! I just received their comments and they were very happy. Thank you so much for your valuable book. I couldn’t have done it without it!

I started my new job as a college lecturer a little less than a year ago. Since I was new, I was left with tons of wordy PowerPoint slides to follow, so every time I tried to digest and follow the pace of the PowerPoint, I struggled [and] my students would often disconnect from me. But since I read Dr. Eng suggestion of using the PowerPoint as support, my brain clicked. I became creative, I realized I don’t have to read out everything that was written on the slides. All I needed is to make my students understand the concept and then I can use the slides as a debrief.

The concrete steps to create a more engaging classroom has already made this semester more enjoyable to teach.

I am a professional engineer turned teacher. After 40+ years working in oil fields on all continents, entering the field of college teaching was a new jungle, full of danger and anticipation, every shadow is a bear, every swoosh is a ghost, and every student is a question mark with hair jell on the top … until I discovered Dr. Norman Eng’s book.

[Dr. Eng’s] suggestions are amazing. I tried a few of them in my classes and noticed a huge difference … My classes are way more student-centered now than they were before and I’m pretty student focused as opposed to faculty focused.

Clearly, there were teachers out there who identified with my struggles. They wanted an authoritative, step-by-step system—not random tactics from a blog. I did all this without any instructional support.

And it’s not like I’m an extrovert or a “natural” performer. Look at my videos—I’m fairly average! I don’t instantly stand out in a crowd, and I’d rather watch reruns of Law & Order with my wife and dog than go out with a group. (Yes, I’m an introvert.) The only thing I did was create, test, and refine a system. And I’m constantly trying new things. Teaching is a journey, one that I’m confident anyone can thrive in, as long as you have a system—a foundation from which to build on.

You Too Can Leverage This System to Become A Master Instructor

With it, you’ll have:

  • Students who “look forward every week to attend your class” [actual words from one of my undergrads].
  • Confidence and peace of mind that they are actually learning.
  • More energy and time to tackle other equally important professional priorities
  • Course evaluations that you can be proud of.
  • Growing attention as an authority in teaching, which can lead to other professional rewards & opportunities.

Will you choose to keep struggling like many frustrated college professors? The ones who, year after year, merely “update” their syllabus and maybe add a new teaching technique they read somewhere—but never really increasing student learning? Time to transform your teaching.

let’s look at the details

The Teaching College Masterclass is a premium, self-paced online course that walks you through a proven teaching system I call the Learner Experience (LX) Formula. Unlike the book, this course is an immersive, hands-on experience. You’ll get not only how to plan and teach effectively, but also how to do this in WEEKS. Not months. Not years. For your one-time investment, you get lifetime access to my focused, step-by-step system. I’ll be “right there” with you.

What’s included? 3 modules (13 lessons) & 3 bonuses


What separates master instructors from the rest? In four lessons, you’ll learn:

  • Why you should focus on students’ experiences, not content
  • How profiling students leads to massive teaching insights
  • My proprietary One-Sentence Lesson Plan that clarifies exactly what to do in the classroom

You want peace of mind your lectures work. In six lessons, you’ll understand:

  • The ten activities that gets ALL students involved (not just the same five students)
  • How to instantly hook students from the get-go
  • The only three lesson formats you’ll ever need, no matter what course or discipline you teach

WOW everyone when they see you in action. With three lessons, you’ll know:

  • The ONE PowerPoint approach that’ll change the way you present
  • 5 recommendations for your slide presentations that will instantly engage audiences
  • How to make sure students actually “get it”

Where else can you so easily and quickly tap into the collective knowledge and experience of your faculty peers? Here you can: 1) get your questions answered; 2) share the ideas, techniques, and strategies that work; 3) get peer feedback on every component of your teaching; and 4) build valuable friendships and professional partnerships.


This 3-part video training shows you how to build a foundation for engagement among students. I provide five discussion formats that involve the whole class (again, not just the same five students). Also includes downloadable materials.


This 300-page ebook, an Amazon bestseller in 7 education categories, is the perfect companion to the Teaching College Masterclass. It includes more tips, techniques, and resources not covered in the training.

“Eng’s one-sentence lesson plan will revolutionize the way you plan your classes. He also suggests ways to add writing to all class activities to ensure that those activities have the learning impact that they should.”

— Linda B. Nilson, Director Emeritus, Office of Teaching Effectiveness and Innovation, Clemson University, and author, Teaching at its Best

More love from Others

“I think the material is FANTASTIC! ...The videos are engaging and beautifully-paced...I especially appreciated the sections where you encourage instructors to focus on main ideas and content. Too often we think that EVERYTHING is important, and we ignore the very basic principles of how people actually learn and how much they are able to digest at a time.”

— Anne Frantum, Communications Instructor, Williamson College of the Trades

“Dr. Eng's insights were a key reason I was just hired for my first college teaching position! I followed his system for creating an engaging presentation and then…(he) recommended that I get really specific rather than try to cover a ton of things in the short time I had for my demo lesson. He also noted where I could make small changes to really stand out from my competition. I took Dr. Eng’s advice and by the time my interview rolled around, I felt like my mini-lesson was my secret weapon!!”

— Michelle Cornish, Lecturer, Accounting

“Norman’s system for teaching simplifies everything. I can take care of planning on Sunday and focus on my other stuff the rest of the week. The Student Avatar lesson alone is worth the price—it made me think of my teaching from a student’s perspective in everything I do…This course is perfect for new and seasoned faculty who are juggling multiple responsibilities (that’s all of us) yet care that their students are actually learning. No other course or professional development workshop even comes close to transforming teaching.”

— Emily M., Adjunct Instructor, Education

“I do trainings and speaking engagements a lot. The Teaching College Masterclass helped me focus on what—and how—I need to present to make the biggest impact. The PowerPoint lessons alone were worth the investment.”

— Fernando Z., Trainer, Non-Qualified Mortgage

2 Payment options

Get started for $397 today (and then pay 2 additional payments of $397/month). If you prefer to pay everything at once (a one-time charge of $997), you can save $194.

3 Monthly Payments


3 Months
  • 3 Monthly Payments of $397
  • 3 Modules (13 Lessons)
  • Downloadable Videos, Audios, & Text Transcripts
  • Implementation Guides, Worksheets, & Templates
  • 3 KILLER Bonuses
  • LIFETIME Access
  • 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee when you show your work (see FAQs for details)


  • $997 One Time Investment (Save $194)
  • 3 Modules (13 Lessons)
  • Downloadable Videos, Audios, & Text Transcripts
  • Implementation Guides, Worksheets, & Templates
  • 3 KILLER Bonuses
  • LIFETIME Access
  • 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee when you show your work (see FAQs for details)
No Risk. 30-Day Guarantee when you show your work.


Couldn't I just buy a book on teaching? Or find everything I need for free online?

You can definitely go online and find everything about teaching—for cheap or for free. But with so much out there, you’ll have to separate the good from the bad. Who’s got the time? More importantly, you’re on your own. YOU have to search for the right topics. YOU have to test it. YOU have to refine it. And try again.

With my premium course, you have a SYSTEM. Everything you need, from planning to teaching. And I’m guiding you all the way, step-by-step, so it’s much more hands-on and immersive than any book. All you have to do is follow this system. It’s your shortcut to success.

What does your course have that others DON'T?

Most books and courses focus on the WHAT and not enough on the HOW. That’s cuz most of these experts are stuck in academia. Theory over practice. Jargon over simplicity. This training trims out all the fat. Just 100% practical stuff that can be applied now.

Second, the Teaching College Masterclass (TCM) is a system of instruction, not random tips, tricks, and hacks. It focuses on students and their experiences, not on content. MOST professors—novices and veterans alike—can’t get past that.

Third, TCM combines a marketing and K-12 perspective to higher ed. Experts in both industries KNOW how to engage people. Like the fact that audiences lose attention in minutes if you lecture. That emotions provoke more than content (so stop stuffing content!). But you won’t hear that in other training courses. I know ‘cuz I’ve taken them. 

Fourth, I give you the 80/20—the FEW important things (the 20%) that yield the BIGGEST impact (the 80%). Each training video averages 8 minutes, which means you could binge-watch and finish the TCM course in one afternoon. Other experts’ course videos last 20-30 minutes each (or more!) and take months to finish. They also cover EVERYTHING. Who’s got the time? I focus on three things: Your approach, your planning, and your instruction. Again, the Teaching College Masterclass is the shortcut.

Fifth, you get focused and practical implementation guides, worksheets, and cheatsheets. Video & audio downloads. Transcripts. In some cases, word-for-word templates. But you won’t get pages and pages of materials. ‘Cuz then you’d never use ’em. I once took a pedagogy course with a 250-page workbook, and never once looked at it. My PDFs are concise and bite-sized.

Finally, how many other courses provide ongoing instructional support after you purchase? You get a Mastermind community online of like-minded instructors to ask questions, network, etc. For good. Think about it: Where else can you get collective advice so quickly? I’ve taken many online courses, and the communities that give you the freedom to ask questions anytime anywhere is INVALUABLE.

Is Teaching College Masterclass right for me?

If you’re a new teacher—whether a grad assistant, an adjunct working on your PhD, a career-changer, or an assistant professor—you’ve come to the right place. Simple as that.

If you’re looking to upgrade, and students aren’t maximizing their potential, you’ve come to the right place. TCM will give you the tools to ensure they grow. My lessons allow you to jump around, so feel free to go straight to parts you need. This is your one-stop shop.

If you’re a college administrator looking to augment your faculty’s instructional capacity, then TCM can work for you. We can allow multiple log-ins for your staff so they can learn how to teach effectively from the comfort of their…wherever. Click HERE for details.

If you’re a K-12 educator (teacher or administrator), you can learn a lot from this course too. I have a lot of K-12 teachers who realize that everything I teach applies to any industry. And since I came from the K-12 world, you’ll feel right at home.

If you educate/train others for a living—whether in sales, real estate, or what have you, you can also learn the principles that guide expert instructors.

What are the payment options?

We offer two options:

  • #1: ONE-TIME PAYMENT OF $997
  • #2: 3 MONTHLY PAYMENTS OF $397

Which ever option you choose, you will have FULL access to the course immediately. Don’t forget we offer a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee when you show you put in the work (see FAQs for details). You can get started today for $397. Or you can pay one time for $997 and save $194.

What if I want a refund? What's the policy?

So, here’s the deal on refunds. We pride ourselves on high quality programs that actually work…if you put the work in. Meaning, if you follow the training, good things happen. If you don’t do it, nothing good happens. Shocking, right?

However, if you are unhappy, email us within 30 days and show us your work—filling out the worksheets for at least the first module—and you will receive a full refund. We stand behind the Teaching College Masterclass 100%.

I have a question. Who should I ask?

Depends. If you are in the program and have questions about teaching, post it on the members only Facebook community group.

If you are asking questions related to buying the course, billing, tech support, or your account in general, contact our support team at: